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Jill McCulloch business coachHave you come into business to follow your heart and discovered yourself in a fog around how to get more clients? Do you feel isolated and alone working from home? Would you like to gain clarity and control of your business?  Would you like to share the challenges and ideas with people in a similar position?


This group is created for business owners to develop personally and professionally whilst also developing an understanding of marketing and ultimately creating an enjoyable marketing system for their business.


This six month course allows delegates to:


  • Discover their personal blue print for decision-making
  • Recognise their strengths and motivations whilst managing their self-limiting belief
  • Understand the fundamental concepts of marketing and how it works
  • Design and own their marketing plan
  • Develop the systems and procedures to engage in the process whilst running their business
  • Share experience and ideas with other members of the group

Jill takes time and trouble to put together like minded business owners who will benefit from the interaction within their group. The group meets monthly in person for two hours and there is an individual accountability call each month.


If you would like to know more and register your interest please contact  

Maria Morgan

Maria Morgan, Platinum Properties says:


“I have learnt some valuable business and marketing skills as well as becoming more comfortable within myself with who I am, my dreams, my aspirations and my goals. You have given me the practical skills to achieve those and given me back my faith in who I am and my belief in myself and my own abilities moving forward. Both my business and I are flourishing following coaching.” 

Shauna Fitzpatrick

Shauna Fitzpatrick, Purple Power Recruitment says:


 “Working with Jill has enabled me to be more structured and organised. She holds me accountable, reminding me to see the bigger picture but to focus on what will get us there in order to be successful. She’s also great fun and has helped me get more fun back into my life on a daily basis to enjoy what I’m doing more. Jill is incredibly perceptive and resourceful at the drop of a hat. She genuinely helps you to achieve great business results and enjoy yourself in the process.”