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Chasing shiny new things and still feeling "Meh"?

If you've spent your life on a rolling mission, skipping from one shiny new goal to another, you can sometimes find yourself on a plateau of ennui, that is ... a dip, a rut, a time of "meh"!


What do you do?



You can try and find a shiny new goal, either professionally or personally to kick-start your motivation.  Perhaps a new business venture, a new collaboration, a new fitness goal, a new training course to reinvigorate your interest. 


Many of my clients come to me in this place of "meh" and I relish the opportunity to reignite their passion.  However, many successful people have driven personality profiles and more "doing" is not the answer.  Sometimes it can be more a case of shifting perspective and taking a good look at who they are "Being".  The shiny new thing may be an old answer to a new problem, a distraction from a fundamental shift that has happened in who they are NOW, at THIS point in their lives.


It's not about "setting for" it's about recognising the life we have now, how we fit into it and how it fits us. It's also about noticing who we are "being" whilst we are chasing the new and what we are missing as we rush past.


Take a deep breath, look around you and "settle in". By understanding our current state it enables us to distinguish the real opportunities from "the shiny chase".  This can take a while ... let me know if you'd like some help!