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DIY Romance

Stop waiting to be swept off your feet.  Stop waiting for the crushing disappointment of garage forecourt flowers or tired and petulant partners.  Think about what would make YOU feel romantic and loved and put that in place. 


I’m talking self-care here. Whether you are single or in a relationship, make an effort to be mindful of your own romantic inclinations.  Spend some time dedicated to thinking about what makes you feel loved and what makes you feel romantic – you might be surprised by the answers. Then, if you are single, commit to taking care of yourself in that way.  If you are in a relationship, then give some time to thinking about what would make your partner feel most loved and cared for.  For some it is gifts, for others it’s heartfelt words and others it is time. How can you combine the things that you love and what they most appreciate? I guess that’s where the invention of chocolate massage gel came from!  It doesn’t have to be three dozen red roses or dinner out.  Remember the things you used to do when you first met – get hold of the first film you went to see and have a movie night in.


Many of us most value the idea that the person we love has been thinking about us, our relationship and what makes us happy. We love to see them in a good mood, happy and pleased to see us. Whether you are surrounded by work, children or elderly parents make time to dream about romance and when you get together with your special someone show them how pleased you are to see them. Stop whatever you are doing and give them your full attention – make them your priority, before the kids, the dogs, the phone …

Enjoy!  Not because it’s Valentines Day, not because you “should” but because it’s a jolly good excuse to enjoy yourself and each other.