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Do you know who your preferred client is?

Who is your favourite client or customer?

Does a name immediately come to mind?  If not then please, please, please do this piece of work without delay.  It will save you months of floundering around.  Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal client then things tend to fall into place. You can be confident in your actions and take ownership of your marketing.  You know you are working to appeal to clients who respect you and who you can be of real service to.  Once you have clarity around your preferred client, you will then have a better idea of:

·         What products or services to focus on that this preferred client wants

·         The people in your team who will identify with and work best with this client group

·         What physical evidence of your credibility is most relevant to display to them

·         What price to charge that will be acceptable and credible to this client group

·         Where to sell your product or service that these clients will identify with and see them

·         What promotional channels and messages will be most effective to reach them

·         What processes to adopt to best engage these particular clients

Think about your favourite client – what are their demographics?  Ie Age, sex, income level, education level, type of home, marital status, favourite tv programme – as much information as you can gather, research or muster. 


Then think about what they come to you for.  On their first ever visit, phone call, email contact – whatever that was, what did they say?  What did they ask?  What did they want to buy from you? Is there a common problem that this particular market segment share?  Is there a product that these favourite clients buy most of all?


OK, so far so good, (I hope you’re doing this as you go along? 😉) Now what emotional pain has finally driven them to get in contact with you?  Is it a specific problem they want to solve?  Have they been getting hassle from their boss, wife, children, accountant, bank manager or indeed their conscience? Think about the exact words they use …


Finally, and this is the tricky bit, what Values do they most share with you? Your Values are not your ethics or your morals but the things that bring you fulfilment.  Those things that, when mentioned, create a visceral response in your body.  These things make up your personal brand.  Your favourite clients, who you most enjoy working with and who think you’re brilliant will share some of those values. When we can work out which ones they are then messaging becomes much simpler.  Remember:  people buy people.  We just want to find out what is it about you that they most buy in to! So, for example, a photographer was just not really comfortable with her business and struggled to identify why. The  photographer looked at the Place they were buying from - her highly professional new studio.  Despite having bought into an external studio space, it just didn’t feel right and her loyal clients didn’t really like it.  It was very “professional” but was not the “homely – calm, comfortable, home from home, welcoming” feel that they identified in her as a person and in her business brand. So she’s moved her studio back home!

What needs to happen in your business for you to feel excited, engaged and positive about your marketing once more?

If you’d like some help or would just like to comment,  do drop me a line