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Don't let your business run you ...

 Running the show can be tough at times. “It’s all very well this Working ON your business, rather than in it but how do I get through my To Do list?”


There are lots of procrastination prevention tools out there and Sail from As In Boat is a productivity guru – check out his website. And that’s not really what this is about.


This is about self-respect and time.


You DO have a choice on how you spend your time. (Yes, really, you could always go and work for someone else … No? I thought not!) So you can CHOOSE to make it happen.


Most of my clients can’t get way from their “To Do” list because they are afraid of something. What are you afraid of?


Losing Control

No-one can do what you do as well as you do … so you don’t delegate. If you are really serious about your business then break down everything you do into skills sets and find people who will do it better. If you’re not ready to employ people then form associations or do skills swaps. Find someone who loves that job and will do it faster and better, giving you time to focus on your genius, ultimately improving your offering and SAVING you money.


Losing Clients

If you are struggling, not performing at your best, then you may well lose clients anyway. Far better to push back on deadlines and do a great job. It doesn’t hurt to ask. In addition, working ON your business will help you focus on finding the clients who fit your long-term strategy.


Wasting Time

Book the time into your planner. That strategic vision – growth, new colleagues or higher profits won’t happen unless to take time to think and plan how it will happen and then TAKE ACTION. Respect that time. Yes, that time is worth a 20% increase in profit or full-time sales person or 50% increase in profit or whatever your vision is. It is far more valuable than meetings, phone calls or emails. People will wait longer than you think.


If you can book that time with a trusted advisor, a mentor, a coach or even another business associate.  If you can buddy up with someone in a similar predicament you are more likely to commit. Get out of the office – meet them in a business hub. You don’t have to share, just working in the same level of energy and intention will help you both focus.


Remember, you CHOSE to start your business and you can choose to change your part in it.


If you want some help, get in touch!