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You’ve been highly successful and now you’ve hit a plateau or perhaps you’ve climbed to the top of the ladder and now don’t like the view?  You want promotion.  Or maybe you want to consider a new career. You know something has to change ...


You are not sure about talking to HR in case it impacts on your promotion prospects. Perhaps you’re wondering why your current role has lost its interest and can’t see a way forward.


You want to get the excitement back in your career.  You want to leap out of bed looking forward to the day ahead.  Or perhaps just want to gain some clarity on the direction you’re heading. Relationship issues repeatedly derail you and you just want to get a better understanding of what you could do to manage them better.


Understanding yourself better is vital in today’s competitive marketplace whether you’re on the fast-track or a seasoned leader. Only then can you consciously manage your relationships and your career progression.


Perhaps you would you like to see change in your staff?


Coaching on just one area generally positively impacts all areas, leading to greater productivity and can thereby improve the bottom line.


Call now or email over what you would like to gain from coaching and what you would like to focus on in your sample session,

Executive coaching Cambridge


Coaching can improve:


"Jill is fantastic and very energetic! She helped me focus right away on what I TRULY want to achieve and identify key steps to get there! Before you go to see Jill your life may seem like a blur and you are not quite sure where you're headed - Jill provides the lenses, so you can have crystal clear vision and get there whilst loving every moment of the journey!" 


Adelina E. Chalmers, Founder of Presenting Good Practice

Improved performance

“I was bogged down with the day to day nitty gritty, had lost focus of the bigger picture, or even what that was. Jill took the bull by the horns, re-ignited my passion and together we developed a realistic path to achieve my goal. Her energy is contagious, she's a real find.” 


Suzie Rice, Style Heaven

Embracing promotion

“Thanks to coaching I entered into my new place of work with confidence in myself and my skills and quickly adapted to the new environment, people and culture . in half the time, with the establishment of strong and positive working relationships with my new colleagues.”


CF, Ely

Personal impact

“I speak with confidence, I do not rush when asked to make decisions and I have far more self-respect. Coaching made a difference in my life as I am more confident, assertive and I make decisions without prevaricating.”


Mrs TC, Senior Administrative Office, MOD, starting new job after redundancy, better pay and prospects

Colleague relations and communication

“As a result of the [leadership] coaching I feel in control of where I'm going and how I'm going to get there rather than where I think people want me to be. I no longer feel the need to push my own ideas and thoughts in order to prove myself because I have confidence in my abilities and my personal qualities. Ironically, as a consequence, my opinions seem to be listened to by default - as a result I am not getting frustrated or defensive.”


Emma Hoten Northampton