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Feeling S.A.D. is bad for business - Top Tips to Lighten Up Your Autumn

The clocks went back this weekend.  The nights are drawing in and us Brits, as ever, bemoan the weather.  There is a visceral sinking feeling when we open our curtains to a flat grey sky.


So how do we stay positive and productive as winter beckons?


The Hygge (pronounced hooga) Approach:

This week I have discovered a delicious Danish word Hygge.  This can be described as creating a cosy ambiance.  It’s sitting comfortably around a table drinking tea and chatting with colleagues.  And yet it’s so much more than that.  In the evening use your lamps or light those candles instead of saving them for best.  Pull your curtains closed, light the fire, bring out your throws and soft cushions and get snuggly.  Create an environment that brings a sense of comfort, togetherness and warmth.  Notice the colour of your glass of wine, smell the sweetness of your hot chocolate, notice the softness of your cat.  Engage all your senses and enjoy your Hyggelig Haven. You will feel pampered, rested and better able to face tomorrow!


The Van Gogh Approach:

See the world through an artist’s eyes and recognise the subtleties of colour.  Yes, the leaves on the trees are turning brown and pink, orange, ochre, yellow, magenta … The sky may be grey but what kind of grey?  Lead grey, charcoal grey, blue grey, purple grey, misty grey?  Take a moment to lift your eyes and recognise the incredible palette colours that surround us each and every day.


The Technical Approach:

You can invest in daylight bulbs in your home or even invest in a S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) lamp which mimics the daybreak and gives your eyes the quality of light it misses.


Personally, I’m hyggelig all the way!