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Feeling Sluggish? Desperate to take a nap?

You are not alone!  I’ve been feeling this for the past six months.  I have tried everything:  early nights, eating healthily, eating badly (!), positive affirmations, exploring my purpose, setting Big Hairy Audacious Goals and my Get Up and Go had Gone!


If someone had said to me “more exercise Jill” I may have slapped them around the face with a wet kipper!  I’ve been rowing twice a week (90 minutes firm and fast in a Women’s VIII), serious sessions on the indoor rowing machine (erg) once a week and Pilates too.  I thought for 52 that’s probably enough.  I can hear my Gremlin “Bertha” now: “you’ve done enough, don’t overdo it, you’re knocking on a bit … you ought to be resting … at your age!”


Refusing to be held back by Bertha, the self-limiting belief, I have embarked on a ridiculous, high-intensity erg training regime.  I hate ergs.  Honestly, my crew drag me to the gym every week … and here I am on the erg every day!  I can honestly say I have never felt better:  fitter, stronger and no elicit napping.


The thing is, once you start succeeding in one element of your life, it tends to make a difference across the board. My motivation is better, I’m more productive, more focused and more engaged in everything: work, family, home, garden and even finances have all benefitted. What aspect of your life could you put a little more effort into?

(Career/Family/Friends/Environment/ Finances/Personal Growth/Health and Fitness/Relationship/Fun and Recreation).


The next time you hear yourself saying “I think I’ve had enough”, try just a little bit more and see what happens.  (Unless it’s booze of course!)


Get in touch if you’d like some help with that.