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In a Rut? Playing safe?

Do you find yourself settling?  Are you going for the sensible option, weighing up the pros and cons and balancing the scales of approval? Are reckless, implusive decisions are thing of the past?


Of course, I understand, it's called being a grown-up isn't it?  No waste, careful with choices, make sure not to upset anyone, especially potential clients or bosses.  This kind of careful, safe living extends across our whole lives: financial planning, holidays, cars are thinking about maintenance costs and long-term security. Making sensible decisions.


That is exactly where I was, I had sensibled myself into a rut.  I hadn't taken any risks with my business, in fact, in anything at all.  I coach my clients, of course, to embrace their authentic selves, own their power, step outside their comfort zone.  I hadn't noticed I was stuck inside mine!


So, recently when my sensible Citroen C4 Picasso (seven seater) died I just ordered another younger model.  My loan car, whilst I waited, was a bright blue VW Beetle.  I loved it!  Somewhere, deep below the manure of my rut, something sparkled and screamed to get out.  No, not screamed, giggled to get out! After two weeks it burst forth, I cancelled the sensible car and bought a beautiful champagne coloured Beetle.


Happy to have a so-called Midlife Crisis and shrug off the sensible at last.  It's more than that though, it's about self-expression, authenticity, glamour and fun all of which make up some of the values which bring me fulfilment.  


What will you do to get out of the rut?  You don't have to buy a new car.  You could dance naked in the rain, sign up for that talent show, learn the accordian or sell hugs for charity in the middle of your local town. Exercise your Edge, push your boundaries, find your sparkly giggle, go on ... I dare you!


If you'd like some help with that, do drop me a line