Me too!  One of my top intentions for this year is to spend less time working from home.  It’s been 15 years now and I’m done with it!  With an empty nest this is particularly imperative for me now, how about you? 

Maybe, like me, you love to be around people?  People are like catnip to me, I feel instantly happier and more alive, especially witty, friendly, openminded ones!  In case any of you are feeling the same I thought I would share some of my ideas.

So, what have I done about it so far?


Upped the anti and extended my speaking and visiting at 4Networking Groups and several others - open to offers ...

Requested ideas for other potential networking groups people ENJOY going and have some exciting new potentials booked in.

Researched the many networking groups locally and booked in for some samples which will take me out of my comfort zone.


Viewing potential Hot Desking opportunities – less sure about these, do people really chat?  Do you feel part of something bigger or is everyone wearing earphones and focused on their own thing. I’m not saying that’s wrong, just it would be great if there were places to chat and share ideas too.

There are lots I have found but I don’t want to commit to spending out monthly on a desk or exorbitant parking when it won’t give me what I want.  Do any of you regularly attend hot desking facilities?

Have been invited to work in a client’s office which I am really pleased by because he’s really funny, clever and positive and we can do sales calls together! So that’s a part-time answer!

NEW BUSINESS - Stretch ideas

Researched potential new businesses I could start where employing other people would have me be part of a team again (watch this space).

Thinking of setting up a work hub locally.


This is dangerous I feel!  Always happy to meet a friend for coffee or lunch, once a week perhaps but it’s easy to get carried away and lose half a day, then find yourself working until midnight to catch up!  Ah, yes, that’s what we mean by boundaries …


Yes, two …


I’m already out at least four nights a week at gym, Pilates, socialising and networking.  You’d think that was enough but … Have you faced the same dilemma?  What did/do you do to get out of the office? Let me know if any of the above work for you and what ideas you may have to add.