Have you found your rhythm yet? Six tips for remaining sane in your new ‘working from home’ dimension

Profound change creates anxiety.  For the first weeks of lockdown, we all went with the flow. However, last week I noticed a shift of energy in myself and my clients.  We want more structure.  We want more clarity.  We want to find new ways to manage our new living arrangement.


Here are some other interesting, radical, perhaps mad ideas for organising your day, deep into lock-down:


The Non-Commute

Put aside the specific time you would normally commute to the office to create separation from your work and home life:

     You choose the hours that work for you (around meetings of course):

Restrict Media Consumption

It’s easy to get pulled into news articles and increase your anxiety levels.

Laugh! Get a funny fix at least once a day, if not more.  Book it in, don’t leave it to chance. The act of laughing improves oxygen to the brain, improving concentration, and boosting our feel-good serotonin levels.


Control Communication – Zoomed Out?

When I saw the article by the National Geographic Science section “Coronavirus Zoom Fatigue is taxing the brain”, I did roll my eyes at another dodgy media slant on the virus.  Then I remembered moaning about face-ache from constantly smiling to avoid my resting bitch face or frowning with concentration or because I’m too vain to put glasses on.

I much prefer coaching over the phone. Listening between the lines is somehow easier without visual distraction. For me, it feels more personal.

24/7 contact with anyone, including our loved ones is rare and close confinement can wear thin.  In fact, most divorces are started after the Christmas break when people have been cooped up.  Please, let’s not have that happen.  Give yourself some space.  It’s OK to want some time alone. I’m a 98% extrovert and even I like more time alone now.  If that’s not you, then don’t panic. Give your people space and they will come back to you in much better shape!

     Listen to your body. 


What new daily routines and habits have you created in your life? I’d love some inspiration! Please share your thoughts on Facebook or LinkedIn.