Gremlins, Saboteurs and a BRAND NEW WAY to stop beating yourself up …

“You Idiot!” Does that sound familiar?  You are not alone.  We ALL spend more time speaking negatively towards ourselves than we do being positive. 


There has been so much work done on combating one’s inner critic:

Indeed, I came up with my own Acronym for managing them. When you sense the discomfort of the negative saboteur, get up and choose one of the below to disrupt that neural pathway in your brain:


Saboteurs are the most common frustration of people not reaching their goals.  Death bed confessors lament the things they didn’t do, not the things they did. 


I have supported many clients to recognise and manage their saboteurs, knowing how difficult it is myself. THIS YEAR HAS BEEN A BREAKTHROUGH!  Out of professional interest I did the Thrive Programme at the end of last year and learned a great deal but, for me, it didn’t stick. 


At the start of the Pandemic, as a Co-Active Coach of 16 years standing, I was invited to take the Positive Intelligence Course and it has had a profound effect on me. It’s all about Mental Fitness, which is our capacity to handle life’s challenges with a positive mindset instead of becoming stressed, upset or other negative emotions.   I now have the knowledge and ability to switch the negative Saboteur self-talk to the positive Sage brain in seconds, in the middle of whatever is happening in my life.   This was learned in six weeks, using an app which supports the atrophy of the negative neural pathways and creates new, more powerful neural pathways in the area of the brain described as the Sage Brain.


This app has taken the basic concepts of most common modalities and combined the essence of them into a single operating system which works.  So much so that I am now bringing it to all my clients, building it into the coaching package.

If you’d like to discover your saboteurs then take the assessment on