Don't hit me with your negative vibes, man!

You have a great team.  They are good at their jobs, get on well together, accept each other's imperfections and generally get the job done.


Except when they don't ...


There's often a couple of characters, let's call them Anxious Andies, who are a little highly strung, overly influenced by outside events and perhaps more easily distracted.


You've come to the end of a big project, the deadline looms and the client chucks in a curve ball.  The anxious Andies panic, spend time worrying about not hitting the deadline and the impact on the project, the client, their jobs ... They are starting to put the whole team in a spin.


Outside of all the red tape contractual stuff with the client, what would you do?


I took a 3-pronged approach:

1. Did PQ reps with them to calm their anxiety (

2. Acknowledged their unique skills and talents with kindness and compassion

3. Reinforced our Vision for the desired outcome - complete clarity of what was ahead of them step by step. 


Whilst extra effort was required, with singular focus, keeping tight to the team and responding quickly to the team leader, regardless of what is going on around them, they prevailed.  In fact, they surpassed anything they had achieved together before. Tremendous pride and satisfaction all round!