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"Let's Do It!"

“Come and melt the buttons on my flameproof nightie!” is the best line from the brilliant Victoria Wood’s hilarious song “Let’s do it!” and nothing at all to do with this blog which is all about getting back to work after the summer.


It’s that Back to School feeling – chilly mornings, the nights are drawing in. Ah, the smell of new  pencils, the tightness of proper shoes and that bubble of excitement to be starting a new academic year. I’m one of those annoying people who loved school and couldn’t wait to get back. My family were in business, so I spent my summers either working or feral, so I loved the order, routine and organised fun of school. This is the start of my year, far more important than January for me.  And, possibly for you too!


My youngest starts Uni mid-September so I shall be an empty nester, financially crippled but liberated from taxi service, feeding time and night out anxiety (you just don’t feel it the same way once they leave home!)


I’m a little daunted but also strangely excited by the prospect of this new year.  There will be the usual deadlines and discipline but also new learning, new people and perhaps potential beyond our wildest dreams …


August is a great time to rest, review and reflect on the year so far.  September is all about making the tweaks, pushing the boundaries and going for every opportunity!   A reset of our working rhythm.  Sharpen up our response times, clean up our procedures and build in new ways of creating an insanely great experience for our clients, as Steve Jobs recommended.


Then score the whole business on fun factor.  Are you having fun?  What would make it more fun? What steps could you take to have that happen.  Today I am breaking up 25 minute bouts of focussed concentration, not with my usual gardening or housework, with Victoria Wood songs!


So Let’s Do It! “Frenetic, Poetic, this could be your last big chance”.  


Make it happen and make it fun!


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