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Hilarious misspelling this month created a dilemma.  I recently had a Fiverr white board animation created over a voice-over.  “Coaching is not navel gazing!” I say,  only in the script I spelled it “naval” – the poor Indonesian artist must have been most confused by his Google Translator, but the animated ships were hilarious, should I change it? The magnificence of the naval metaphor was so opposite to the intention of the statement.


Yes, of course coaching involves self-reflection but it’s about taking that self-reflection and doing something with the learning!


I work with business leaders. We establish the things that will bring them fulfilment and how to integrate them into their lives – to make them conscious in their behaviours and in their organisations.  


We work on them having balance across their whole life and they find it challenging to complete the daily tasks they have chosen to ensure that balance.  


The most challenging part to get across is the element of Process, more commonly described as Mindfulness. We are so caught up in the strategy, their goals and how to reach them that capturing the joy in their lives takes a back seat.


So here’s my challenge to you all this month.  Imagine this world has been created for you to enjoy – like a theme park or one of those R & R Planets on Star Trek. Take just two minutes (time yourself if you must) and lift your eyes from your screen and look outside – really look.  Look at the colours of autumn in the trees, look at the faces of the people rushing down the street, look at the incredible buildings the human race has created. Without judgement or back story.  Just notice, just where you are, just now, in this moment …


Now, do I change the video?  Answers below please!

Gail - 25th November 2016
Change the video
Sal - 25th November 2016
Sally - 25th November 2016
Jill! Did you know there is actually a word for navel-gazing? I didn't! Omphaloskepsis! I had to look navel-gazing up because I wasn't entirely sure of its meaning. But next time you could blow them away with 'Omphaloskepsis'! There's a famous statue in the Louvre of four satyres (supposedly) navel-gazing! It's very funny - it doesn't look like it to me! Thank you for taking me away from my desk for two minutes! It's amazing what thoughts one can conjure up in two minutes! ;o) Sal xxx