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Pathetic Fallacy?

OK, it’s a bit BLAH out there and here’s three great reasons to rejoice!


Our emotional state does NOT have to reflect the weather. Pathetic fallacy is a film-makers’ device to reflect the emotional state of the lead character in the weather. It’s not REAL, we are not the lead character in a film, we can CHOOSE how we feel. Whilst it might not make you feel fabulous to have the rain stair-rodding your retinas, it could be worse!


This is England, it’s still Spring – it’s supposed to do this! Days like this mean we have an incredibly green and fruitful country. Think of the delicious juicy fruits we’ll have in the Autumn because of this rain now. Drink up! There’s no water shortage or hosepipe ban. Yes, Adele might be moving to LA for the weather but they can keep it. Can’t imagine anything more boring than not having Seasons. “Hello” from the other side of the Atlantic Adele and “Goodbye”!


We don’t choose to be outside, so let’s have a super productive day today and play guilt-free hooky when the sun shines. Go on, plan what you’ll do on the next great day (next Monday’s going to be good, so obviously I’m rowing!) and then focus, focus, focus today. Make today a day that you’re proud of your productivity!

Have a great day!