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coach you



coach you

coach you



  • You're feeling discombobulated ... 
  • Something has to change ...
  • You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start ...

You've tried everything:  self-help books, counselling, going on holiday and boring your friends and family rigid and nothing seems to work for very long.


You want to feel like you again.  You want to know you’re heading in the right direction. You know you could be brilliant if you just knew what you wanted to do ...


So why coaching?


Coaching is a powerful human relationship where a fully qualified coach supports you to design the future not get over the past.  Your coach supports you in understanding what is important to you now, through powerful questioning eliciting your answers.  The coach motivates you to take action, moving you towards the future you really want for yourself. It’s a journey with support from a trained professional who is always on your side, keeping you on track.


So, what do you want to change?  


Call now or send an email with an outline of what you would want from coaching and what you would like to focus on in your sample session



Personal coaching Cambridge


As your coach together we will:

Help you know and live by your values: balancing your life.

“Articulating what is important to me through knowing my values has given me a framework to test future decisions by. I have started to use lot of reflective tools again.


I appreciated that you remembered things that I had said, and fed them back to me when I needed to hear them ...I found you very intuitive, which is a joy to encounter. I also liked the 'in your face' challenges and responses, which is unlike a lot of my friends. Even though I didn't always agree with them, they were a bump to think again about how I was approaching something, which was very helpful.


I've really appreciated how you have taken on board my situation and responded to it. I also appreciated that you respected that I did not want to talk about relationships, until I did!”


BF, Canterbury

Fearlessly challenge self-limiting beliefs and behaviours.

“Jill has provided me with a positive and lasting reassessment of personal attributes and goals that has led me to better understand my circumstances and what drives me in any given situation. The experience has been enjoyable and rewarding... I have no hesitation in recommending Jill as an asset to anyone considering coaching as an aid to further development.”


Philip Wells, Technical Director at Lily's Kitchen

Reconnect you to deeply held aspirations and formulate goals.

“I was challenged to analyse my life from different angles, visualizing and creating a new future for myself. The sessions often felt odd and outside my comfort zone, but they never failed to be impactful and constructive. I began to open my mind to a very practical and successful life journey with a host of possibilities. Life Coaching seeped into every area of my life. It was a financial investment that brought me not only emotional wealth but also a tangible improvement in my circumstances - I now have a measurable financial return/yield for the money I spent on coaching.” 


JH, Head Teacher, Social Entrepreneur, Wife and Mother of five

Help you maximise your potential.

Coaching helped me to make real the feeling/ideas that had been bubbling away inside me for years. My ideas have come to fruition . It's real, I have a plan, volunteers, funding and a logo!


I have my values to refer back to which I do often. More than anything I have found my calling. I valued most the honesty in the relationship and the value you placed on what I was trying to achieve. I think the belief you showed in me was really helpful.


The session where you drew out the big picture vision for Ignite and the policy and influencing role was so valuable and made me think really big and to the edge of my potential. That has really stayed with me and I put myself back there when I'm working on Ignite. I found coaching a safe place to think big (like the session I mentioned above) and I liked being pushed to think that way.


The coaching really was the best investment I made in myself in years, thanks for taking me through it.


KC, Founder, Ignite Leadership

Co-create a strategy for achieving goals and monitor your success.

“She is a superb coach, energetic and positive she wants you to truly be your best and offers you 100% support whilst making you 100% accountable for your own actions. She keeps it straightforward and easy, teaching skills that can be applied to business, relationships and home environments.”


JG Medical Manager.

Listen without judgement. Help you restructure your life to be doing more of what you want.

“Jill McCulloch is an experienced life coach with an expert insight into your psyche.  She holds a mirror up to your own persona, presents this to you and then proceeds to assist in resolving the problem. Her recall/memory is huge. She is the thorough professional in how she conducts her sessions. She is to be highly recommended as a superlative life coach. Sympathetic ,realistic, encouraging, enthusiastic, experienced and most of all, very wise.”

Robert Habermann, CEO at RFF Media