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Maximising Performance in yourself and your Team


Working in a flat management structure is challenging. The greatest challenge is often maintaining the relationships within the organisation and the motivation of the team. With well trained staff still in short supply it remains the responsibility of the business owners to maintain a harmonious environment to retain the best staff.

Behavioural and psychometric assessments enable you to add a greater level of certainty to your people decisions. Together we can help you to benchmark the successful behaviours and abilities for their roles. We can identify the candidates with an ideal fit. We can reduce the risk in the recruitment process. In leadership and managerial roles, assessment of the delegate’s emotional intelligence can inform you as to their managerial style, fit for the team and potential for development.


Psychometric Assessment and Coaching


A behavioural assessment takes 8 minutes, an emotional intelligence assessment only 20 minutes and an Aptitude and Ability Assessment up to 25 minutes for the candidate to complete online and you are provided with an initial profile which details:


  • How a person prefers to behave at work and the characteristics they demonstrate
  • Any frustrations the person has in their current job
  • How or whether a person is modifying their behaviour in their current role
  • Their behaviour under pressure
  • Their strengths, limitations and value to the organisation
  • TEIQue focuses on emotional intelligence and additionally reveals well-being. self-control, emotionality, sociability, adaptability and motivation
  • GIA is an Aptitude and Ability Assessment

Follow up coaching is provided to each candidate to understand and help them work with the profile to improve performance and motivation.

Psychometric assessment