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Gain Clarity on your Vision, Goals and Road Map


  • You have an idea you want to grow but are not sure how
  • You find the team responding and firefighting rather than consciously pushing forward
  • The organisation is doing OK but you have a hunch more is possible
  • You want the team all on board and owning their role in the organisation's success

Time to Think


Bring your team together for a collaborative strategic planning course in which everyone has an equal input in the creation of the organisational strategy over a given time period. This provides a structured environment which allows:


  • blue sky thinking
  • cross discipline collaboration and inspiration
  • interdepartmental contact, better understanding and rapport building
  • team building 

By the end of this course participants will be able to:


  • Accurately express the organisation's positioning statement and core values.
  • Fully understand and explain the strategic objective in the time frame discussed.
  • Take ownership of their role in orchestrating the strategy and fulfilling allocated goals and targets.
  • Understand what is required for them to support their individual teams in understanding and fulfilling the organisational expectations. 

Make it Happen - ongoing coaching to provide accountability and motivation

All participants have access to a coach to support them on a regular basis (frequency decided by the organisation).


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Jill McCulloch

Jill McCulloch

Co-active Coach


Coaching organisational to empower, enable and support people to take responsibility for their role in taking the organisation forward. A sweep oar rowing addict, happily married with two career girls and a son at university.