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Strategy vs. Vision

Do you like having goals, KPIs (key performance indicators) and a healthy To Do list? I’ve been supporting a lot of my clients with these this month and for some, that’s not what is needed.  They may ache for a structure to organise their day and once given will then sabotage it:  life gets in the way. If this is you then take some time to create your Vision.


Vision is not about money, really, it never is.  It’s not some woolly visualisation.  Your Vision is the clarity of knowing what you stand for in the world and what you bring to help others. No matter what business you are in you are there to fulfil someone else’s need, to solve their problem or relieve their pain. 


Connection with your Vision enables you to draw on all your experience, skills and innate abilities.  Sharing your Vision enrols support and enthusiasm from your team, your clients and stakeholders.  People rarely work for money alone or indeed buy the cheapest solution. As Steve Jobs said “Sell dreams not products”.


In neuroscience terms – the amygdala is there to enable us as human beings to refine all the millions of pieces of information we receive in a day and focus on what we are seeking.  It enabled our cave man ancestors to find and identify the berries we wanted to eat. You may have experienced it as noticing all the smooching couples when you want to be in a relationship or deciding you want a certain car and then you just keep seeing them on the road all the time.  With our Vision we have clarity of purpose and our amygdala enables us then to recognise the opportunities to support that purpose.


When we have that clarity of course the goals and KPIs come into play but To Do Lists won’t bounce you out of bed in the morning and clarity of purpose will.