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Jill supported me through a challenging time and provided technique, along with wisdom, which I don't think I could have found anywhere else in my life at that point. Jill is such a warm and caring person, it's impossible not to feel like she's wrapped you up in a big snuggly blanket and I felt very protected in my coaching sessions with her.

I think I didn't realise until much later how much impact Jill had in my life at that time, helping me find clarity and confidence. I've come to the conclusion it is because her approach isn't pushy or all-knowing, she was guided by me as much as I was guided by her and that is a very special combination to find in a coach. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jill.






I'm coming to the end of Jill's six-month Business Plus course.  In all honesty, when I started it I was sceptical as to the value it might bring to my business. However, I've now got amazing clarity about my core values and how I can use them in every aspect of what I do.  I've now got a long list of practical ideas on how to attract and retain my ideal, target clients which I'm already starting to apply with very good results.  The course has regular group sessions which are terrific fun and invaluable as we share our experiences on how the ideas we've learnt can be implemented simply, quickly and effectively across any kind of business. Jill's no-nonsense teaching approach is also spot on.  So, if you're wavering about doing the course, don't. Just do it!  




Jill, I wanted to document how transformative the coaching that we embarked upon was.

I got in touch, initially, after seeing your newsletters about work running me, not the other way around. At this time, I felt like I was work. My social life was neglected, my marriage not blooming and work was overwhelming.

I think when you start your own business it's natural to want to be in control and for it to be your 'baby', but after nearly 6 years, my business was an unruly toddler and I was knackered!

Looking back now, 18 months later and I couldn’t be happier.

You enabled me to see that I would be a better wife, mother and business owner if I made time for me. Together we put together daily habits that would 'force' me to make time for me and keep work in its rightful place – fun, productive but not all encompassing. I still use them every day!

You helped me to see which bits of the job I love and am really good at. You showed me how to make more time to do those things by delegating the stuff that I'm not good at and don’t enjoy.

We looked at my values and which clients were in line with that and how to politely turn away those who weren't in alignment with my values. It gave me the confidence to work with clients in the way that I knew would work, thus making better outcomes for everyone.

Together we looked at where I wanted to be 10 years time – way above, beyond and very different from traditional goal setting (which I've always personally found demotivating). I now have a picture in my head of what I'm aiming for personally and professionally which informs my daily actions. We also looked at what I wanted for the next 12 months, which looked barely possible and quite probably impossible at that point! However, at the end of that 12 months, ALL, yes ALL of it had been achieved.

Jill, you've offered an holistic approach to my life, encompassing my relationships, work and ambitions which, I suppose, fits with the description of 'Life Coach', but before my work with you, I'd thought of you as a 'Business Coach' which I didn't really need. I needed help to tame my business and live my life.  Thank you, so much





By coincidence I was thinking about finding a business coach when Jill came along to one of the 4N meetings I’m involved with.  There were a few coaches already on the circuit but on meeting Jill, I knew she was going to be someone I could work with.  I was almost a year into my new business and was doing well but I wanted to lift up to the next level.  Previous business experiences, where I had tried to push my boundaries before had not ended well, so I was cautious of entering into this field again and getting it wrong.



Working with Jill over the last six months has been an amazing experience.  The process is quite remarkable in that Jill never tells you what to do or how to do it, she listens to what you want to achieve and then guides you to your own answers to achieve it. 


I am now entering a brand new and exciting phase of my business where I expect to earn more than I have ever done in my career to date.  Having Jill working with me, keeping my focussed and making sure I’m accountable for my own decisions has been brilliant.  I trust my instincts when working with people and I’m pleased to say I was right when I chose Jill as my Business Coach.




James and Farrah Wedding

What I came into coaching for: The short answer is ‘to write a book’ but the more truthful one is that coaching, and Jill, found me.


What happened: I was a magazine features writer looking for interesting stories to write about. Jill was that story, and yes it was interesting, in ways I would never have imagined.

Dismissing the modern-day journalist’s scant regard for depth, Jill told me if I was going to write about life coaching then I would have to commit to it over the coming weeks. Jill is a hard woman to say no to and I was in, with a goal of writing my first book.


A year later I'd written that book, begun a second, started dating a girl and married her, become a freelance journalist, and emigrated to Trinidad and Tobago. Whilst there, I was asked to write the biography of cricket legend Brian Lara, which is now published. I have since emigrated once more to New Zealand.


That is a tremendously brief synopsis of what has been a time of terrific change. I could talk all day about the effect Jill’s coaching has had, not just on me but indirectly on my wife Farah - she actually credits the fact we’re still married to Jill. “God bless that woman,” is an oft-repeated phrase in our home.


Jill is tirelessly-enthusiastic, and not in an annoying American way, but in a practical let’s work-out-how-we’re-going-to-tackle-this way. She gets you to view issues from different perspectives and is superb at providing robust practical guidance.


Most of us walk around with a lot of self-limiting beliefs that we’re often not even aware of, it’s just who we’ve become or feel we have always been. Life coaching is about recognising those and dealing with them on the way to attaining that dreamed of personal or professional goal. In short, Jill helps you get out of your own way.


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