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WILL:  Pharmaceutical Industry, UK

Over the past 6 months so much has changed in me, my view of myself and how others see me. Reflecting on this journey, it has been a reconnection with the real Will and a detachment from survival mode Will. In this time:


1) I've lost 7kg, in the gym 3 times a week and doing a boxing class once a week

2) Kept a journal fairly consistently and used the thinking time to plan better

3) Reconnected with a passion for helping others 

4) Stopped eating crap!!

5) Reconnected with old friends and made new ones


The biggest compliment I've received was last week when a very close friend said I'm back to the person he met 8 years ago. He knows me better than anyone else so that meant alot to me. So I want to thank you for the last six months, for the positive intelligence course, and for helping me find parts of myself I had long since forgotten about. 


What comes next? I don't know but for the first time in years I feel able to face whatever comes my way.


EVE TOOMEY:  Eve Toomey Consulting

Eve came into coaching wanting to kick-start her consulting practice, having been unable to define and attract the kind of customer she was uniquely able to serve.


Eve has been the breadwinner of her family for decades and, having made the courageous decision to move back to the
UK from the US after nearly 10 years (her husband is English), Eve was beginning to believe her age and niche corporate
experience made her difficult to employ. Eve wanted to work, to contribute and find a worthy role.

Together through coaching, we rediscovered all her strengths and transferable skills. We re-ignited
her passion for people and enthusiasm for fixing problems. We discovered her personal brand and
launched Eve as a problem-solving consultant. Eve created a website which showcased her
experience and expertise -

Taking baby steps and getting small wins, Eve grew her confidence in a couple of voluntary roles. There she
blew people away with her easy seamless management of complex projects.

Eve now has a stable of regular clients and is also an interim Chief Operating Officer for a SasS technology company in a highly competitive

Eve: “Coaching was pretty hard for me because I have always struggled to define what I can do, to package it and sell it. Jill had to pull me through the process as much as guide me which she did with empathy, skill, determination, and deep expertise in marketing and personal brand-building. A year later, there are things that I am just now understanding the value of how Jill helped me and I bet there are other realizations still to come."



YVONA DUNCAN:  CENTRE MANAGER, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Cambridge Judge Business School

Jill offered to enroll me onto the Positive Intelligence Programme at a time when I didn't think I had the capacity to take on anything new, let alone learn a new life-long skill that would transform my outlook on live. I was in a dark moment of my life, having lost my mum suddenly to a cardiac arrest. I had also lost my dad only a few years back, and having lived far away from them for the majority of my adult life, these losses had affected me profoundly. My stress levels were very high, motivation low, self-esteem non-existent. I felt unable to perform a simple task or enjoy the company of my four-year-old. The Programme's  various techniques, insights and the pod support were absolutely transformative. They helped me deal with all the different emotions, such as grieving, as well as the day-to-day stresses of life. Guided daily meditations enabled me to stop for a while and regain my balance. The Focus of the Day brought new insights into my life which felt like snippets of wisdom passed on from a wise old grandmother. The programme has augmented my perspective on life, enabled me to appreciate everything and everyone a lot more and helped me gain a powerful equilibrium within myself which guides me through life's tricky and oftentimes challenging situations.






I wish I had known about positive intelligence years ago! It has truly been a game changer for me and after only a couple of weeks I was able to see what’s been sabotaging me and work towards a calmer, happier and more productive life. I’m not getting it right all the time but with Jill as our guide, it has definitely made me feel more able to handle family, work, and general life stressors. 





I’ve recently been on a six week ‘Positive Intelligence’ course and I wanted to share as it’s literally been life changing.  My largest accomplice saboteur is the stickler which makes me constantly strive for 100% perfection 100% of the time in myself and others. Within the first week I quickly saw how dangerous this was, both for myself and my stress levels and, importantly, in my relationships, personal and professional. I can now clearly see that I must have been a complete nightmare to work with at times!

There have already been a number of situations where I’ve been able to spot my stickler jumping in and I’ve been able to consciously bat it down! I feel happier, more tolerant and less stressed and it’s still early days. The course is really more of a life programme and you can carry on using the tools and techniques every day ad infinitum, learning more each day. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a course and I’d encourage you to take a look and have a chat with Jill. She’s an incredible coach and I’m now a different, happier, more positive person, as attested to by my family and friends! And that’s with a broken wrist!





I was interested to see how I could improve my mindset to help focus more on the important elements of my life and work and less caught up in the things that don’t really matter but take up a lot of energy..

After the six week programme I felt more in control, more relaxed, more in the moment. I realised by changing my mind set I was performing better both with my wo

rk task and my personal challenges.

I am more satisfied with my life; I have better relationships both work and otherwise. I have greater focus at work and have achieved more than I would before. I have had the strength to attempt things I wouldn’t have previously with great results.

If you are thinking of doing the programme you will gain a new perspective that will enable you to realise better your capabilities and goals. It will strength your focus to enhance a better emotional working environment

The interaction between Jill and the other members of the group was a refreshing experience and only helped to enrich the programme





During the course (which was a group course) Jill worked with each of us collectively and as individuals to ensure we got the maximum results. Her marketing experience, knowledge and in particular her ability to impart this to others in a way that was easily implementable, was very impressive. 

For the duration of the course, we worked on real life/real-time projects. This meant at the end of the coaching, not only had we learnt a lot, but we had a marketing plan already in place and bringing in results.

Should anyone be thinking about doing this course it’s very hard to explain just how comprehensive it is in such a short space of time. Jill will challenge you to challenge yourself – as a result this coaching is a coaching that just keeps on giving!


We have a business that is considerably stronger than it was before lockdown!




I've been working with Jill for nearly two years and she has had a transformative effect on me and my businesses.  Personally, I'm far more confident in networking and business situations whilst paying myself more and enjoying my role.  My business has grown 25% year-on-year with an increase in profit of over 100%.  

I find our twice-monthly sessions an excellent investment of time and money in me and my businesses (now multiple) and I'd highly recommend Jill to anyone who hasn't quite found the right formula for happiness and success yet. 






I just wanted to thank you for Business Plus Training.  Mixing the coaching, (which I really developed through) and the marketing seemed like the obvious combination, although one I had never considered. 

The course was so well planned, delivered and staged so that I really developed my own plans over the course and I went from having 5-year plans of a shop, van, staff; to achieving this in six months.  The shop, has been incredible, but only possible through you giving me the confidence in both myself and the business.

I'm not sure I will ever have enough words to tell you what a massive difference the course meant to me on a personal level and also from a business perspective, but as I take 10 minutes to stand back and look at the growth since starting the course, my heart swells with pride and the thanks I owe is to you.




I recently completed Jill's six-month Business Plus Marketing Coaching Course, which has been massively beneficial in setting our sights on business growth as well as personal development! Not only does Jill come with a wealth of experience and knowledge, she really gets to know, uncover and understand our values:  and then the course allows us to ultimately focus these values into a marketing strategy.

I have come out of the course knowing exactly where i need to be headig and how I need to get there, along with the confidence that what I'm doing isn business is right.  I would highly recommend Jill and/or the course to anyone needing a boot in the right direction, for focus and drive.





Jill supported me through a challenging time and provided technique, along with wisdom, which I don't think I could have found anywhere else in my life at that point. Jill is such a warm and caring person, it's impossible not to feel like she's wrapped you up in a big snuggly blanket and I felt very protected in my coaching sessions with her.

I think I didn't realise until much later how much impact Jill had in my life at that time, helping me find clarity and confidence. I've come to the conclusion it is because her approach isn't pushy or all-knowing, she was guided by me as much as I was guided by her and that is a very special combination to find in a coach. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jill.






I'm coming to the end of Jill's six-month Business Plus course.  In all honesty, when I started it I was sceptical as to the value it might bring to my business. However, I've now got amazing clarity about my core values and how I can use them in every aspect of what I do.  I've now got a long list of practical ideas on how to attract and retain my ideal, target clients which I'm already starting to apply with very good results.  The course has regular group sessions which are terrific fun and invaluable as we share our experiences on how the ideas we've learnt can be implemented simply, quickly and effectively across any kind of business. Jill's no-nonsense teaching approach is also spot on.  So, if you're wavering about doing the course, don't. Just do it!  




Jill, I wanted to document how transformative the coaching that we embarked upon was.

I got in touch, initially, after seeing your newsletters about work running me, not the other way around. At this time, I felt like I was work. My social life was neglected, my marriage not blooming and work was overwhelming.

I think when you start your own business it's natural to want to be in control and for it to be your 'baby', but after nearly 6 years, my business was an unruly toddler and I was knackered!

Looking back now, 18 months later and I couldn’t be happier.

You enabled me to see that I would be a better wife, mother and business owner if I made time for me. Together we put together daily habits that would 'force' me to make time for me and keep work in its rightful place – fun, productive but not all encompassing. I still use them every day!

You helped me to see which bits of the job I love and am really good at. You showed me how to make more time to do those things by delegating the stuff that I'm not good at and don’t enjoy.

We looked at my values and which clients were in line with that and how to politely turn away those who weren't in alignment with my values. It gave me the confidence to work with clients in the way that I knew would work, thus making better outcomes for everyone.

Together we looked at where I wanted to be 10 years time – way above, beyond and very different from traditional goal setting (which I've always personally found demotivating). I now have a picture in my head of what I'm aiming for personally and professionally which informs my daily actions. We also looked at what I wanted for the next 12 months, which looked barely possible and quite probably impossible at that point! However, at the end of that 12 months, ALL, yes ALL of it had been achieved.

Jill, you've offered an holistic approach to my life, encompassing my relationships, work and ambitions which, I suppose, fits with the description of 'Life Coach', but before my work with you, I'd thought of you as a 'Business Coach' which I didn't really need. I needed help to tame my business and live my life.  Thank you, so much





By coincidence I was thinking about finding a business coach when Jill came along to one of the 4N meetings I’m involved with.  There were a few coaches already on the circuit but on meeting Jill, I knew she was going to be someone I could work with.  I was almost a year into my new business and was doing well but I wanted to lift up to the next level.  Previous business experiences, where I had tried to push my boundaries before had not ended well, so I was cautious of entering into this field again and getting it wrong.



Working with Jill over the last six months has been an amazing experience.  The process is quite remarkable in that Jill never tells you what to do or how to do it, she listens to what you want to achieve and then guides you to your own answers to achieve it. 


I am now entering a brand new and exciting phase of my business where I expect to earn more than I have ever done in my career to date.  Having Jill working with me, keeping my focussed and making sure I’m accountable for my own decisions has been brilliant.  I trust my instincts when working with people and I’m pleased to say I was right when I chose Jill as my Business Coach.




I just wanted to say thank you for the difference you have made in my life.