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You are probably really excited about your business but would like to feel more on top of the marketing … (what is marketing anyway?!) You’ve tried networking, emails, advertising, social media but nothing feels very joined up.


We will spend the day bringing it all together

  • What YOU stand for:  your Personal Brand
  • How that is reflected in your business
  • The 7 Ps of marketing and exactly what they mean in your business. 
  • Preferred Target Market (the people who you love working with)
  • Marketing Plan – to work on
  • Marketing Communications Campaign explained and started to take your business forward.

By the end of the day you will understand your Brand, what Marketing means to you and how to plan your marketing for best effect.  You will even know the words to use to attract your very favourite clients who love to buy from you.  You will know how to replicate that understanding across all your target markets.


After the day we will have an hour long coaching session to ensure you are on the right track.


Ultimately if you decide you don’t want to do all your marketing yourself, you will be armed with the understanding and language to be able to instruct the right people to help you.


Why me?

As a qualified coach, qualified marketing communications consultant and experienced businesswoman I am uniquely positioned to support your learning, inform your process and empower you to move forward with your marketing.


Your marketing spend will be focused, saving you time on decision-making and prevent you wasting your money on irrelevant schemes. Move forward with clarity and assurance.



coach you

David Morley, Bookkeepers Plus


“Thank you for a most enlightening, enjoyable and stimulating day.


I found your insightful preparation most valuable and your knowledgeable guidance throughout the day incredibly thought provoking.


When combined it created a profound experience, so much so I have returned to the strategic drawing board to re-visit more than just my marketing plan!”

coach you

Eric Britt, Integrity Wills and Legal Services Limited.

"I came to the course to be more focused for the next eighteen months and consider various options for promoting business and work and leisure balance. It has motivated me to go away and plan for growth looking at all the options and prioritising.  The information I learned will hopefully produce more clients thereby increasing my turnover and a more efficient office which will reduce the amount of work I do in the evening. Keep on doing what you’re doing!”