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Want to get something started? Boil a frog!

Do you ever put things off?  Accounts, tax return, beginning a new fitness regime, writing new copy for the website, completing an application, organising that trip/event/gathering all get put off because it’s such a huge MOUND of work or maybe it feels scary or heaven forbid you might be successful! 

Even when you know you really want to do them.

Even though they are a sound idea.

Even though they are important.

That in fact, once you get started, you might even enjoy doing them!


Yeah … I know that feeling.  For me it’s rehearsing speeches.  I love rehearsing speeches but my prevaricating Gremlin will have me reorganising the airing cupboard or decorating the house rather than just getting down to it.  It still trips me up and I’m coach!  I’ve tried breaking it down into bitesize pieces, visualising the completion, scheduling it in my calendar.  I have lots of tools in my toolbox and mostly they work.  But, just in case you too have a stubborn blighter, here’s a new trick for you:


Sneak up on it.  Don’t face it head on and make a big deal out of it.  Don’t schedule the timing of it, just open a related file whilst you’re having a coffee.  Just take a quick look at what’s required before your day starts and then leave the page open – on your pc, your desk, the kitchen counter.  Just keep flipping back to it between chunks of work and adding notes.  Until finally you’re in the swing of it and find yourself immersed in the project without even noticing. 


Not so much “Eat a live frog” (Brian Tracy) as “Boil a live frog!”  This is also, incidentally how I’m approaching my training for the British Rowing Indoor Championships next month, so far so good …


Try it and let me know how you get on!