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Why can't they just let me get on with it?

We pride ourselves on being organised, self-motivated and responsible: we take a job on and just get on with it.  It can be disappointing, or downright galling then, when we receive feedback which pulls the rug from under us:


“You don’t do it like the last CEO” Trustee

“What IS actually happening with xyz?” (your responsibility) Boss

“Er …. Are you busy?” Business Partner

“You’re working really late, is everything OK?” Romantic Partner.


Most often, it’s not that they are criticising, being nosey or wanting to take over, they just feel insecure because they don’t know what’s going on. Particularly when the business starts to grow and chats across the desk are a thing of the past, internal communications are critical. It's not enough to get on and do it, we have to let people know what we've done and just how good it is!


A really simple way around this is to design a structure that keeps everyone in the loop. Don’t think of it as having to check in or report in to anyone.  This is about reinforcing your personal brand and enhancing your reputation – whether that’s within the company, with your associates or your spouse! 


Here are some ideas, possibly more or less relevant according to the size of your organisation:

·         Monthly internal newsletter including your news amongst everyone else’s – delegate to an enthusiastic marketing person, VA or PA – encourage everyone on the team to submit a short update, interesting article and “News”.


·         Organise a monthly/weekly meeting with the relevant people in your team, booked in the diary and held as sacrosanct, where updates on projects and wins can be shared.


·         Publish a monthly mini report, for yourself and them, showing performance against target and potential plans for discussion.


·         Commit to a weekly social session talking things through – coffee shop, pub, dinner without the kids. It gives you the opportunity to reconnect and remind yourselves why you’re “doing” it and who you’re “being” whilst you are doing it!


When we are motivated, driven even and excited by our role, success stories can often be overlooked as we move on to the next thing.  Remember to celebrate, with everyone involved or affected by the win, it’s good for them, for you, your reputation and of course your Personal Brand!


Email and let me know if you'd like some help with that: