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Coaching is a powerful human relationship where a fully qualified coach supports the client to design the future rather than get over the past. If you are committed to improving your life, your business, your career or the world, then coaching can provide you with the self-knowledge and motivation to do it.

Personal coaching Cambridge


Feeling discombobulated? Not where you want to be?  If you’d like some clarity, around who you are now and what you want going forward, then coaching may be what you need.

Business coaching Cambridge


Massively busy but going around in circles? Not working out as you’d hoped?  Are you anxious about taking the next step? Coaching can reignite your passion and get your ducks (even your team) in a row.

Executive coaching Cambridge


Career stalled? Not sure what you want next?  Want to take on a promotion with ease? Coaching can give you the clarity to become the leader you want to be.




Have you come into business to follow your heart and discovered yourself in a fog around how to get more clients? Would you like to gain clarity and control of your business?  Would you like to share the challenges and ideas with people in a similar position?
This group is created for business owners to develop personally and professionally whilst also developing an understanding of marketing and ultimately creating an enjoyable marketing system for their business.


“Within six months my sales increased by 30% and after nine months of coaching had a record-breaking month where I took a projected six months of income in five weeks.  I now project to double my sales on last year.  Jill has helped me to reignite my passion for recruitment and I now have a five-year plan of business growth ahead of me, including moving to larger offices and recruiting staff to expand the potential of the business.”