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  • Are you are overwhelmed, constantly fire-fighting and wanting some clarity about moving forward?
  • Are you busy but anxious about taking the business to the next level?
  • Are you willing to put in the time and energy to reach your goals whilst retaining long-term balanced across your whole life?
  • Have you exhausted the ears of everyone around you and are struggling to make decisions?
  • Are you determined to make a success of the business?

When you come into coaching we work on your personal discovery, to ensure you are firing on all cylinders, before we tackle the business.


You then choose Business as your Primary Focus and we proceed to create goals and put together a plan to work towards. There are a number of additional tools and procedures we can choose to support this including Orbit, preferred by the Growth Accelerator Programme and MAPP in which I am trained as a Practitioner.  Psychometric assessment can also be insightful in developing awareness on key strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence and preferred behavioral style.


If you have a team that you are working with then it may be appropriate to use psychometric assessment to establish the strengths and challenges of the working team.  To book your sample session contact me now at

Business coaching Cambridge


As your business coach together we will:

Re-ignite the spark that made you first start or join your business.

“I value the fact that my business now has direction and purpose when, before, I was confused and close to throwing in the towel. I very much appreciate what you have given me through coaching. It is arguably the single most significant input to my business since I first became self-employed more than 15 years ago.”


DE, Software Developer 

Help you see the blue sky beyond the fire-fighting: clarify your thinking.

“One of a rare breed as Jill has harnessed fine-tuned business and coaching skills and mixed it with creativity at a level most cannot achieve.  Hugely motivational to work with and completely driven by the end goal for the client.”


Mark Peters, Managing Director - Pirate FM

Help you formulate new directions and goals for your business.

“Jill helped me to realise my true position in the marketplace and, using all the work I had put into the online product as collateral, I repositioned my business in the marketplace and became more formally a head hunter in a very niche market. My systems and procedures are under constant review and I’m looking to outsource some of the junior aspects of the role. My productivity and motivation have increased enormously and I value Jill’s support in holding me accountable and acting as a sounding board.”


RT, Head hunter

Motivate and support you in achieving them through Accountability.

Within six months my sales increased by 30% and after nine months of coaching had a record breaking month where I took a projected six months of income in five weeks.  I now project to double my sales on last year.  Jill has helped me to reignite my passion for recruitment and I now have a five year plan of business growth ahead of me, including moving to larger offices and recruiting staff to expand the potential of the business.”


RT, Head hunter

Coach your key staff to maximise their potential and support your business aspirations.

“ involved many different elements of leadership coaching, both prior to and after taking the position, including:

Assessing the requirements and attributes of the role from the perspective of my own personal values to ensure that it was a good fit.

Analysis of the new personal skills that would be required to succeed in a senior management role, working with a team of highly diverse and geographically dispersed team, as this was the first time I had held such a role.

Developing coping strategies for the demanding role, which required extensive global travel, while balancing personal and family needs."


ND, Global VP Marketing

Facilitate the real communication vital in the running of a business, particularly at times of change and succession planning.

“It was a really useful day and the fact we came up with two immediate ideas that hadn’t come to us before was a real bonus.”


Maxine Lester, Maxine Lester Residential Lettings